VOIP and Future of Telecommunications

Right know you are probably using a standard landline for your household or even your mobile phone. Well good news is that mobile telecommunications are not going away but unfortunately your telephone line is going to be switched off. You might not worry but for others this is a big deal. BT have confirmed that the Public Switched Telephone ... Read More »

2nd Mar 2018
Free vs Paid Hosting

Why should I pay for web hosting for my business? Small businesses are always aiming to keep their prices down and save wherever they can. If you are considering starting an online presence for your business, whether that is an online store or general information about your business. Saving money is always a plus! With free domains such as ... Read More »

25th Feb 2018
Virtual IT

Configures IT Solutions think it is important that customers are treated more than customers, we believe that our customers are family. From the moment you browse our website to asking for support with your products we are here for you. Call us or send us a message online, our team will give you dedicated and bespoke support to get you up and ... Read More »

18th Nov 2017
Social Media

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18th Nov 2017

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